How To Make A Complaint

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Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. We do everything possible to get things right but if there is something we need to improve, please tell us. We’ll learn from it and put it right. We aim to always meet the expectations of the people we support and their families or representatives. When you are pleased with the service provided, please let us know. Where we can improve, your feedback will be managed in accordance with the principles of good complaint handling identified by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO). We will make it easy for you to communicate with us. We will communicate according to your preference, as appropriate to the stage of your complaint.

  • Getting it right: We will quickly acknowledge your complaint, following the relevant guidance. Where you are not satisfied we will signpost you to the next stage of the complaints procedure.
  • Being customer focused: We will support you as an individual through the complaints process.
  • Being open and accountable: We will publish clear guidance on how to complain and we will provide honest, evidence-based explanations, and clear reasons for decisions.
  • Acting fairly and proportionately: We will treat you impartially and without discrimination. We will ensure that decisions are proportionate, appropriate and fair.
  • Putting things right: We will apologise and acknowledge where mistakes have happened and will provide prompt, appropriate and proportionate remedies.
  • Seeking continuous improvement: We will learn lessons from your complaint and we will use this learning to improve service design and delivery.

Making a comment or providing feedback

Where things need to be improved, you can make a comment or provide feedback at any time, and to any member of our staff. We would encourage you to do this at the earliest opportunity, as most issues can be resolved quickly and informally. If you feel that your feedback has not resolved the issue to your satisfaction, you may choose to make a formal complaint.

How to Complain:

Stage 1 Complaint
A complaint can be brought to the attention of either the staff directly involved in your care, a team leader or the registered manager. We aim to resolve any verbal complaint within five working days unless there are exceptional circumstances. In this instance, we will communicate with you and give you a timescale for resolution.

Stage 2 Complaint
If this resolution is not to your satisfaction it will be moved to Stage 2 of the complaints process. Please contact us to submit a complaint at:

Campbell House
126 Drymen Road
G61 3RB

Telephone: 0141 942 1001:

The registered manager will then:

  • Acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours
  • Record your complaint
  • Launch an investigation
  • Respond within 20 days, in writing, to inform you of any outcome and action to be taken. There may be occasional instances where it is not possible to finalise the complaint within the 20 day period. In this instance, we will write to the complainant to ask for an extension to this time indicating an appropriate time scale.

If someone wishes to complain on your behalf they should demonstrate that they have obtained your consent to do so, this should be in writing. An individual can at any time, should they feel their complaint is of a serious nature or if they still feel dissatisfied, contact the local office of the Care Inspectorate:

Care Inspectorate
Renfrewshire House
Cotton Street

Tel: 0345 600 9527

Alternatively, if we have concluded investigation of your complaint and you are still not happy, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to consider your complaint further. The SPSO cannot normally look at complaints more than 12 months after you become aware of the matter you want to complain about, or if it is the subject of legal action.

The SPSO can be contacted at:

Freepost SPSO
Telephone: 0800 377 7330
Text: 0790 049 4372

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